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This versatile final coat plaster provides good results on most suction backgrounds. Thistle MultiFinish is the choice for plasterers working on both undercoats and board backgrounds on the same job.  Its flexibility also makes it an ideal choice for small repair jobs and patching.

Thistle Hardwall

High impact resistance and quicker drying surface. Suitable for application by hand, or mechanical plastering machine, to most masonry backgrounds.

Thistle Bonding Coat

For low suction backgrounds such as concrete, plasterboard or surfaces treated with Thistle Bond-It.

Need Something a Bit More Specialist?

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Render Bead

Forms and protects the lower edge of external render. Designed to deliver a gentle gradient at the base of the render, it is used above doors, windows and at DPC level to allow rainwater to drain clear of the underlying substrate

Metal Reinforcing Coil

Expanded metal brickwork reinforcement is embedded in mortar joints to give extra tensile strength to wall and help withstand vibration and sudden loading, or to minimise unsightly cracks due to settlement.

Plasterboard Angle Bead

Use to create a straight, clean edge and reinforce plastered corners against accidental damage
Use for 90 degree angles when using finishing plaster
Designed for interior applications using 2-3mm gypsum finishing plaster